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You can send texts directly from your email, DuoFAX web portal and / or iPhone and Android phone.

Main advantages:

  • The SMS is sent from your mobile phone number (or some text if you prefer) so the recipient can always answer you
  • you always see whether or not the SMS was delivered
  • you can send an SMS from email, from DuoFAX web portal and /or from iPhone and Android phone

How it works:

The SMS can be sent using one of the following methods:

Sending SMS from your email:

  • nothing to install
  • send an email to
  • place the text of your SMS in the email subject line
  • place your password into the email body and send
  • you will receive email delivery confirmation

Sending from DuoFAX web portal:

  • just enter your email and password
  • compose your SMS message
  • enter the SMS number to which it should be sent and send
  • you will receive email delivery confirmation

Sending from iPhone and Android phone:

  • download and install the application and follow the instructions

See how to send and receive faxes or send snail mail (postal service).

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions section here

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