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Terms and Conditions

This contract is established by and between (registration number: CZ7411050273, company ID: 649 23 428) and the Subscriber (hereinafter named you or the Subscriber) for fax communication through the Internet

Prepayments and VAT:

1. Each subscriber must prepay the service with one of the following option: %price-prepaymentCredit1% with monthly expiration, %price-prepaymentCredit2% with quarterly expiration or %price-prepaymentCredit3% with yearly expiration.
2. Above these prices VAT is charged to European customers without a valid VAT number (non-companies).
3. will charge 21% VAT automatically if applicable.
4. VAT is not charged to non-European customers and European customers with valid Europan VAT will not be charged VAT (reverse charge).
5. can determine country for VAT automatically if not provided by subscriber correctly

Recharging/Cancellation/Trial period:

1. The subcriber must keep recharging on regular basis (based on prepayment expiration) until the service is cancelled by Subscriber.
2. Cancellation must be done by email and must contain user identification (order number, fax number, customer number or registered email).
3. The cancellation must be requested 10 days before the next expiration date latest and will confirm such cancellation or another period might be automatically recharged.
4. will recharge the account automatically with the same amount as the previously paid prepayment amount if the account is about to expire (10 days before expiration date), already expired or if subscriber used more units than paid.
5. Subscriber can deactivate automatic recharging via email request or make a note in the order form
6. Subscriber can change the prepayment amount via email request.
7. Cancellation must be done by email and must contain user identification (order number, fax number, customer number or registered email).
8. Each consumer (subscriber registered as private person) can request to refund original payment within 30 days after order date if something does not work (eg. assigned fax number does not work or sending to valid fax number does not work).
9. may refuse refund if the Subscriber did not follow instructions which was the reason of failure. may also refuse refund if solution was offered within 7 days after reporting any issue. Refund is accepted for card payments only. Refund can be done the same way only (by card). To get the refund the subsciber must provide with proof of their identity which must be in line with the order and copy of the charge (with shown date of the charge and last 4 digit of the card).
10. Unused paid credits (pages) are valid until the account is expired or cancelled. Such credits roll over until the final expiration date which can be extened by recharging.
11. Subscriber will receive no cash refund in the event any unused credits (pages) remain in your account upon termination or expiration of your account.

Fax Numbers, FUP and fax broadcast:

1. Subcriber is not the owner of the phone/fax number which assigned with subscriber's account
2. If the account is not paid till expiration date, the number will be cancelled and can offer such number to other subscribers immediatelly
3. In case of late payment will try to assign the same number to subcriber if this is still possible
4. can charge 10 EUR fee for number reactivation (if reactivated within 10 days after expiration) or 70 EUR if reactivated later.
5. can request certain proof of address prior to number activation or anytime if the new legal regulation will take into effect for numbers in given country that is already assigned to Subscriber.
6. If the subcsriber cannot provide appropriate address proof will not activate the number and/or can terminate the number if the proof is not provided in a given time frame.
7. Most fax numbers do not have any charge for incoming faxes if not specified otherwise (fax numbers marked with asterix in the price list).
8. may terminate or suspend fax numbers that have high incoming traffic exceeding the standards until clarified with the Subscriber.
9. service is not by default intended for fax mailings (fax broadcasts) if not agreed otherwise.
10. All trials to use the service for fax broadcast (sending more than faxes at the same time) or some other service missuse may result in service termination until the situation is clarified.

Customer service/Tariffs:

1. Customer service is provided by email and in English. For support of other langugages the automatic maschine translation engines may be used.
2. The contractual language in the case of argument is English. If any litigation appears between the English and other translation, the English version will prevail.
3. is entitled to modify the tariffs for the Services without notice (payments made before price changes are not affected). The tariffs in force are those shown on the website
4. All price changes are applied with a new subscription, with the renewal of a prepayment or with changing of the prepaid amount

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