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Sending and receiving faxes with DuoFAX is easy. No installation, no new hardware needed. With DuoFax you can manage your fax messages right from your email.

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    Your fax number will never be busy. You can receive faxes as easily as you receive emails. You will receive all faxes as emails with PDF or TIFF attachments. You can forward, archive or print out all received faxes. Fax numbers are available in almost 60 countries and 5000+ cities.

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    Sending faxes with DuoFAX is very easy. You have several options for sending faxes. You can always use only the most convenient option for you. You will send faxes faster, easier, more reliably and at lower cost. There is no other competitor with such a flexible range of options for sending faxes.

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  • "Some of the customers: Czech Airlines, Strabag, Konica Minolta, Union Health Insurance, Yoplait, XERTEC, Verlag Dashöfer”

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