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Sending SMSs

The most common questions relating to the sending SMS are answered in this section.

  • From which number are my SMS sent?

    We can use your real mobile number or some text as the sender, or you can provide seme text. Using your real number has the advantage that the recipient can always respond to this SMS and the answer will be sent to your real mobile number. You can set your own sender identification from the free DuoFAX application which is available for iPhone and Android phones. Otherwise you can request the change by contacting customer service.

  • How can I send SMS?

    You have 3 options for sending SMS: 1) via the DuoFAX web portal 2) by e-mail 3) through the DuoFAX application which is available for iPhone and Android phones. In all cases you have an option to receive SMS delivery confirmation by email.

  • How does sending through email work?

    It is very simple. There is nothing to install or change, you just send the SMS as easily as you send en email. Send en email to (or you can choose this "email" from your directory). In the subject line you enter the text of the SMS and in the body you enter your password and send. As soon as your SMS is delivered you receive delivery confirmation. You can send only an SMS from an email which is registered for the DuoFAX service.

  • Can I send SMS from my company application?

    As long as your application can send emails it can also be easily modified to send SMS. Your application just needs to send emails in the format required for the DuoFAX service.

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