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Receiving faxes

Your fax number will never be busy. You can receive faxes as easily as you receive emails. You will receive all faxes as emails with PDF or TIFF attachments. You can forward, archive or print out all received faxes. Fax numbers are available in almost 60 countries and 5000+ cities.

Main advantages:

  • Unlimited reception - with the Fax Profi Package you don't pay for incoming faxes
  • A local fax number is available in almost 60 countries, 5000+ cities
  • You will get a standard fax number - you can receive faxes from any fax machine.
  • No need for a fixed line or fax machine.
  • Your number will never be busy.
  • Mobility - you can receive faxes anywhere.
  • In some countries you can keep your number - number porting

How do I receive faxes?

With DuoFAX, receiving a fax is as easy as opening an email. You will receive an email with a PDF or TIF attachment to the email address you have specified.

  • You will be provided with a standard fax number that will be immediately ready to receive faxes.
  • You will receive an email after each received fax (with a TIFF or PDF attachment).
  • You will also see the sender's fax number in the email.
  • You can forward, archive or print out all received faxes as other electronic documents.

See how you can send faxes.

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  • "With there is no need to install anything, it is very simple and it is very reliable fax service.”

    Mirek Merunka, ISDN server

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