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Fax Broadcasting

If you need to send hundreds and thousands of faxes we have a solution for you. You can even send personalized faxes. You will always receive a detailed report about each fax broadcast.

2 main ways to send fax broadcasts:

  • we will create and send your campaign for you
  • we will give you the tool to send fax broadcasting on your own any time you wish

Main advantages:

  • almost unlimited capacity. You can send thousands of faxes at the same time
  • you can personalize each of your faxes (it can contain contact names, company names or anything else)
  • we can offer you the best availabe rates on the market
  • you will always get a detailed report showing success rate, reasons why some faxes could not be delivered, times of deliveries etc.
  • you can also get a fax number from from us. You can choose from almost 60 countries. This number will never be busy so you will never miss a call.



  • "With there is no need to install anything, it is very simple and it is very reliable fax service.”

    Mirek Merunka, ISDN server

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