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You can use our Fax Software free of charge. Whenever you need to send any document as a fax, "print it" to the "" printer and enter the fax number (or choose from the directory). You will see the result of faxing in the software and you will receive email delivery confirmation.

If, for any reason, you do not wish to send the fax directly from your email or from the DuoFAX web portal we have a special solution for you which is very user-friendly.

Main Advantages:

  • works with Microsoft Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, Server 2000/2003), 32 or 64 bit versions
  • software installation is very easy and fast
  • fax sending is encrypted and usually faster than sending from email
  • you can still combine with other methods of fax sending
  • you can create your fax number directory for fax numbers that you use often
  • you can preview each fax before you decide to send it
  • you can use it for fax broadcasting
  • you see the result of your fax immediatelly, you are not dependent on email confirmations
  • you can view old faxes at any time and decide to resend them to the same or different number

How to send the fax with the software?

  • open any document you want to send by fax
  • print the document, and select as the printer ""
  • enter the fax number (or select from the directory)
  • press SEND
  • after a while you will see the result of your fax


See how to can send faxes by email or from a DuoFAX web portal.

If you have any further questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions for sending faxes.

You can also check the price list and / or order the service with a 30 Day Trial with No Risk.


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